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Cement Export in June

FROM:  CREATEDATE:2009-02-03

The cement export in June is 646.9 thousand tons nationwide, the best record since 1999. 
The 1996 cement export was 9.49million tons with a value of US$ 374m . Chinese cement export had suffered a continuous decline since the Asian crisis of 1997. The annual export from 1999 to 2001 remained at roughly 6million tons, and the value was less than US$ 200m . The number dropped to 5million tons a year after 2002, which means an annual export value of about US$ 160m . The annual cement export of 2003 was 4.95million tons, 2.7% lower than that of last year. The cement export in June, 2004 was 90.7% higher than that of last June, which helped raise the cement export in the first half year to 2.5575million tons, or 6%. The export value reached US$ 87.12m , 12% higher. This is the first rise seen in China ’s cement export in recent years. 
The major reason for the rise was the growing South Korean demand for Chinese cement. In the first half year, South Korea imported from China 1.0751million tons of cement, 194.8% higher than that of the same period of last year. 
Large-sized cement manufacturers and joint-ventures are the major cement exporters in China . The cement exported from Jining and Longkou, two cities in Shandong province, amounted to 774.4 thousand tons, of which 628.8 thousand was from Jining to South Korea and 48.6% higher than that of the same period of last year. Jinan , the capital city of Shandong province, has just joined the cement exporters this year and supplied 147.8 thousand tons of cement to South Korea . Located near South Korea , Shandong province has taken the geographic advantage. The value of cement exported from Jining, Yantai, Longkou and Jinan , four cities in Shandong , took up 47.3% of the national exported value of cement. Tangshan , Hebei province, showed a rapid growth in cement export with a supply of 167.2 thousand tons to South Korea in the first half year, which equaled 6.2% of the national exported cement value. 
This year has seen a rise in exported cement price. In the first half year, the average cement FOB price per ton was US$2.36 higher. The FOB price for the cement exported from Jining to South Korea rose by US$3.33 per ton. Meanwhile, cement mill price tends to be lower than usual. In the month of June, the prices for rotary kiln ordinary Portland cement grade 42.5 in Jining, Jinan and Tangshan were, respectively, RMB224.22, RMB239.32 and RMB221.88 per ton. In the same month, the FOB prices for the cement exported to South Korea from these three cities were, respectively, US$32.64, US$30.57 and US$32.72. The drop of cement price in the domestic cement market and the rise of price in the international market, therefore, made one of the reasons for the recovery of China ’s cement export. 
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